Sep 04

…is truly rubbish. Used as intended i’ve run it down from full charge in the morning to totally dead by 5pm that day. A car charger and usb cable are not optional. As much an aide-memoir to myself as anything else, these are the battery saving tips i’ve found useful. well, i now get at least a day’s charge, so at least one of them must be working!

1. Disable GPS. I only turn it on now when I need it (google maps and flickr): Options | Advanced Options | GPS. Set GPS Services to Location Off and Location Aiding to Disabled. Now I appreciate there’s some debate about whether this makes any real difference or not because GPS is (apparently) only used by applications on demand. However, because I frequently forget to properly close applications – google maps used to be on almost constantly - having it off by default suits me.

2. Same with Bluetooth (I really only use it in the car with my handsfree): Manage Connections | Bluetooth off

3. Screen Brightness – you won’t really notice much of a difference in terms of usability, so this at least can’t hurt: Options | Screen/Keyboard. Set Backlight Brightness to 10 and Backlight Timeout to 20s

4. Providing you can remember to disable this if you need to use the alarm early in the morning, use the Auto Off feature: Options | Auto On/Off set both Weekdays and Weekend to Enabled between the times that suit

5. Another controversial one – use 2G instead of 3G – theory being that this reduces the amount of network switching, and hence saves power: Manage Connections | Mobile Network Options. Set Network Mode to 2G. While you’re there make sure you have Data Services set to Off When Roaming – which really ought to be the default. My phone company currently charge a fixed £5 per day in Europe and £15 elsewhere…

google provides plenty of others, some of which are just daft - not using message notifications, ringtones or ‘power hungry’ applications (like email, im and facebook). yeah, but that’s why i, and i suspect most others, bought the thing in the first place…

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