Jan 24

the days of being wild

we watched a bit of this
though you’d not remember
given your amused disinterest

you were all, ‘why is this?’ and ‘what is that?’
and i tried to explain
like i was some expert

which i’m not
eventually you turned it off

in the mood for love

this was a film i wanted to see
japanese noir but romantic,
in the genre’s twisted kind of way

“i don’t like subtitles”, you said, ‘they make me have to think’
so we watched something else instead
it was Mr & Mrs Smith


a chinese film festival
the sign above the window said
‘boxed office closed’

Jan 19

i can’t change your wedding day
i can’t change your married life
i can’t change how you felt

however innocent and pure
your feelings were.

the only thing that i can change
is how i feel

about you.

Oct 29

each week I struggle
to remove your ring
from my finger

each week I look through
drawers to find a cloth

once removed – I think of
you, always

this is the only time I
take it off.

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